Shí éí Ravenna Curley yinishyé.

Tséńjíkiní nishłį́, Tó'aheedlíinii bashishchiin, Kinyaa'áanii dashicheii, Kinyaa'áanii łáni dashinalí.

Ákót’éego diné asdzáán nishłį́.

Hello! My name is Ravenna Curley and I am born for the Cliff Dwellers/ Honeycomb People and born for the Water Flows Together People.

I am an adventurous Diné outdoor product designer who has a passion for empowering mother nature through sustainable design.



Luma is a safety hydration pack for outdoor goers who take their activities into the night. Ever taken an evening jog geared with a hydration pack but have no safety lights? or vice versa? Will Luma can kill two birds with one stone! Take a look.

Black Mountain ICE

Black Mountain ICE is a packaging and crank design project that focuses on user experience. First time ordering a crank set and have no idea how to assemble it together? Will take a look and see a functional solution!


Volt is a rechargeable C02 bicycle pump used for your daily bicycle tire maintenance. Don't you hate it when you ride your bike to the office but find that your tire somehow lost pressure? And you don't have a pump? Will Volt provides that solution so you don't have to carry extra luggage! Let's take a gander.


Liini is an outdoor water gutter system for people who live in rural communities. Ever wondered how my ancestors (Dine (Navajo) people) used to gather water before there was running water? They carved holes into sand stones so that water would gather when it rained. Using the same concept let's see what Liini can do!